Become staff

Helper Requirements:

  • Must be at least 14 years old (verified by voice).
  • A Discord account is required.
  • Must have an appropriate username.
  • You're not allowed to use creative or any other staff comand for own use without permission from a manager, co-owner or owner. 
  • Never take away items, blocks, balance, coins or claim blocks to troll or bully players!
  • You must have a playtime of ​at least 5 days on the server .  This is to make sure you have ​enough knowledge about the server.
  • We don't allow ​inactive players in our staff team without a valid reason. This can be vacation, work, school etc. Always inform a co-owner or owner.
  • Where possible you have to help players with questions or problems.
  • When using the fly command or playing in creative you must always use vanish!
  • When you don't have permission to ban a hacker/player. Always inform a staff member with a higher rank of the situation so they can take care of it.
  • Able to be mature and handle situations whilst being a staff member.
  • If you have received a mute or ban, you must wait before applying.
  • Must be able to record in-game if needed.
  • Must not have any warning points on the server or Discord server.

Application Tips:

  • Be honest. If you lie in your application, then we will be unable to trust you as a staff member.
  • Be confident and be as detailed as to why you think you should be part of the staff team.
  • Use the Discord server actively. This helps the staff easily see that you interact and help others.
  • Don't apply just for the tag. Applying just for the staff tag will not end well.
  • Be active in-game. Our current staff are always on the lookout for good staff candidates.
  • Don't be shy! If your application is accepted, you are required to join a 'promotion call.'
  • Show us that you are 'Helper Material.' - actively helping in-game, Discord and reporting players.
  • Provide enough detail in your application! If your application isn't detailed enough, you will be denied.
  • If your application gets denied for lack of detail, do not use the same application again!
  • Your actions represent you! Make sure you have a good reputation with the community.
  • Having staff experience is great! However, it's not the most important part of your application.
  • Be sure that you're ready. Being a member of staff takes a lot of time and learning.
  • Don't spam apply! If your application keeps getting rejected then something must be wrong.
  • If your application is denied, take on the advice given and improve on weak areas.
  • Don't ask your application to be read! That will result in an instant deny.
  • Be in good standing with the staff members.
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