General commands

/home [name]
   Teleports you to your personal location.

/sethome [name]
   Creates a personal teleport location. 

/delhome [name]
   Removes a peronal teleport location.

/tpa <player>
   Sends a teleport request to teleport to the player. 

/tpahere <player>
   Sends a teleport request to teleport a player to your location. 

   Accept all pending teleport request(s). 

   Deny all pending teleport request(s).

   Teleport you to the hub. 

   Teleport you to the pinata party. 

   Teleports you to the crates. 

/msg <player> <message>
   Sends a private message to a player. 

   Shows the amount of balance you currently have. 

/pay <player> <amount>
   Pays another player from your balance. 

   Marks you as away-from-keyboard. 

   Shows your current play time. 

   Shows you a list of websites where you can vote for free rewards. 

Auction House

   Opens the auction house GUI. 

/ah sell <price>
   List the item from your holding in your hand. (max price = $10.000.000)

/ah selling
   Shows the items you are selling auction house. 

/ah sold
   Shows the items you have sold recently in the auction house. 

/ah expired
   Shows your expired items to return. 

Quick Shop

/qs create <price> [item]
   Command to create the shop with item in hand or specified. 

/qs buy
   Change the shop to buying items. 

/qs sell
   Change the shop to selling items. 

/qs price <amount>
   Change the buy/sell price of the item. 

/qs size
   Change the bulk size. 

/qs item <item>
   Change the item of the shop. 


   Shows information how to set a bounty on a player. 

/bounty <player> <amount>
   Adds a bounty to a player. 

   Opens the GUI with all bounties. 


/clan create <name>
   Creates a clan. 

/clan invite <player>
   Invites a player to your clan. 

/clan leaderboard
   Shows the best players. 

/clan war <clan>
   Starts or ends clan war. 

/clan ally <clan>
   Adds or removes alliances. 

/clan home
   Teleports you to your clan base. 

/clan sethome
   Creates a teleport at your clan base. 

/clan profile <clan>
   Shows information about a clan. 

/clan promote <player>
   Promotes a member to clan leader. 

/clan bank <deposite/withdraw> <amount>
   Manages the clan bank account.
   All clan members can deposite or withdraw money!


   Opens the Coinflip GUI. 

/coinflip create <amount>
   Creates a coinflip game. 

/coinflip delete
   Delete an existing game. 

Invite reward

   Shows information how to invite a player and redeem your reward. 

/invite <player>
   Send a invite to a new player. 

   The new player who just joined should use this command to accept the invitation. 


   Shows you a list of kits that are available.
   Some kits require a rank to open them. 

/kit <rank>
   Attempt to open a kit.
   Available kits: member, premium, vip, mvp and legend


   Shows all available commands for the lottery. 

/lottery status
   Shows information about the lottery, jackpot and time till draw. 

/lottery buy <tickets>
   Buy a lottery ticket.
   You can purchase up to 3 tickets! 

Player warps

/pw set <warp>
   Creates a player warp at your current location. 

/pw remove <warp>
   Removes a player warp. 

/pw desc <set/remove> <warp> <disc>
   Adds a description to your player warp.
   Will be visible in the player warp GUI. 

/pw icon <set/remove> <warp>
   Sets or removes a icon for your player warp.
   The item or block in your hand will be used as icon. 

/pw category <warp> <category>
   Places your player warp inside a category in the player warp GUI. 

/pw rate <warp> <1-5>
   Rate a player warp.

/pw rename <warp> <name>
   Change the name of a player warp. 

Playtime rewards

   Open the rewards GUI to get free rewards for your play time. 

   Shows your current play time on the server. 


   Opens the shop GUI. 

/sell hand [amount]
   Sell the item held in your hand.
   Not all items can be sold.
   Visit the shop to find the sell price of any item/block. 


/trade <player>
   Sends a trade invitation to a player. 

/trade accept
   Accept a incoming trade request.

/trade deny
   Deny a incoming trade request.